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My name is M. P. and I was born in Kalymnos, where I live except for a period of 15 years when I lived in New York as an immigrant. I got married in the age of 20 and had my first child when I was 22. After some time I started having discomfort and suffering from difficulty in urinating caused by pain, smarting and repeated urinary tract infections. Each time I went to the local doctors I was having urine crops and was prerscribed antibiotics. Sometimes there were microbes found in the urine crops, but most of the times they turned out to be negative. The symptoms used to recede for a while and reappear about a year or a year and a half later. As soon as i got pregnant most of the symptoms receded so I thought everything was fine and that I was healthy. But right after a 3-4 months’ period from the childbirth the urinary tract infections kept on reappearing and I used to follow the usual medications. The same symptoms appeared when I was living in America as well. There was a gynecologist recommended to me that I visited, who suggested various antibiotics that made the symptoms recede for some periods of time, but I never felt I was completely healthy. I had started to feel like I had some other discomfort in my back and the rest of my body, something like a burning sensation, or some other times like my joints were in pain. I later visited more doctors, but they couldn’t help me more, except for prescribing me more medications and advising me to not be anxious and have patience. Coming back to Greece in 1991 my health condition kept on getting worse. I had to visit the hospital of Rhodes since there was no urologist in Kalymnos, where I stayed for 4 days, while I had pyelographies and other examinations made. The diagnosis was that I suffered from severe urinary tract infection and I was prescribed to Septrin for six months. By doing this, I 1-2 years passed without having severe symptoms. After that period my suffering returned again with intense frequent urination, stinging - burning sensations, and pain. In 1998 I could not take it anymore, so I went to the hospital of Rhodes.. The same examines took place, the same diagnosis, the same medications. After a few years I was forced to go to Athens, to Evangelismos hospital. I was hospitalized in the Urology Clinic for 5 days and was treated with medications. I continued the medication with Ciproxin for 10 days and I was advised to drink a lot of water. 2-3 years later I could not stand the pain any more and I had to go to Athens again, this time in the Medical Center to a good doctor I was suggested to. After a complete test I was prescribed a treatment with urobaxin for three months, to stop it for a month and then to resume the medication for another three months, and then to take a Furolin every night for six months. Sometime after about 10 months, when the pain and the intense frequent urination did not seem to show any improvement, I contacted the doctor to tell him that my condition not only did not improve at all but that it also was becoming more and more difficult. The answer i took was that he could not do something else as a treatment, that it was not something as severe as a cancer and that I should learn to live with it. After that i couldn’t help but feeling desperate, I tried to use whatever I heard from others that could help my problem, but I had no result. 2-3 years passed with no improvement of my health so one day unbearable pain led me to the hospital of Kalymnos where after expressing my complaints, I had examinations made and the gynecologist told me that he could see a small fall of he uterus which affects my bladder, causing all my problems. He suggested that I should have a surgical operation, which took place after 5 days in the hospital. For a period of some months I felt slightly better and I thought that finally my medical condition that had troubled me for so many years had been solved, but unfortunately the symptoms came back more intense and even more excruciating than before. I heard that in the island of Kos were urologists and I was suggested to go there. A doctor examined me and told me to take a medication with taking Lidaprim for 3 days morning-evening in the beginning, and later taking a pill every evening for 3 months. After doing what I was suggested without result I couldn’t bear my condition any longer, so I sat in my balcony crying from the pain and frustration. A woman from Kos saw me and she told me she visited for sometime an urologist in Athens because she had the same symptoms that I had, and that after she had followed some special medications she was cured, so she recommended Mr. P. Georgiadis to me. I immediately called to arrange an appointment. When the doctor saw me, he took my medical history and discussed with me, and then was when I started realising how and when my discomfort first took place, without back then realising that something was wrong. That even before the symptoms begun to become very annoying and persistent, I was beginning to have some small discomfort, but because I was not aware, I did not pay much attention. I had started to urinate slightly more frequently i.e. instead of 3-4 times a day I used to urinate 5-7 times a day, as also I had some small burning sensations or having the feeling of being more heated while urinating, as well as a little pain during the intercourse. In the next years, of course, the discomfort became more and more frequent and persistent, ending up being unbearable (almost constant and intense pain low in the bladder and urination almost every 15’-20’). The truth is of course that the urine tests where I occasionally had ie. crops did not show any microbe, so the gynecologists and the urologists who I had visited occasionally, possibly based their diagnosis on tests which did not show anything, telling me that there is nothing special or that I have anxiety or mental stress. Of course as I later realized they were not specialized in this disease, because the tests I did with Mr. Georgiadis (Ultrasound, cystoscopy and special urine crops and vaginal fluid crops), had not been until then as they should be, nor the treatment resembled the right one. There were microbes found in the vagina and the urine, and in the cystoscopy there were many lesions found, as he explained, membranes in the bladder’s triangle and small cystic lesions. The bladder’s ultrasound showed that the urine I could hold until I was forced to urinate did not surpass the 50gr. The doctor explained to me that because the vagina and the bladder are adjacent organs that are in direct contact, the germs can easily move from one organ to another causing chronic infections which if not diagnosed correctly, the treatments have no effect and naturally the inflammation gradually becomes even worse. As you can understand the doctor accepted the fact of the severity of my illness, said I had come through a lot of suffering because of the desperate situation I was, but that with God's help and my persistence, he believed he could cure me, but we needed enough time with intense treatment which would include frequent intravesical injections of specific drugs and proper medication I should have for a rather big period of time and show great perseverance and patience for as long as necessary. It’s been about 2 years since we starteda match so far victorious for me. I saw better times in my life and slowly the pain began to heal. Although I had come to a point that I had to urinate every quarter to half an hour, to think that at any time I wouldn’t be able to keep my self from urinating like having incontinence followed by terrible pain before and during the urination, and also pain in the lower abdomen that after urination stopped for a while and started again after a while, pain during the intercourse that I sometimes could not stand, I am now urinating about 4-5 times a day and even when I feel the need to urinate I can hold my urine for a long time, without a lot of effort, without the feeling that I will not be able to hold it and urinate at any time and without having pain. The quality of my life has changed radically for the better and I can finally think what I have to do, without looking for the toilet to urinate at any moment and the intercourse is now pain free. Regarding the tests, the urine and vagina crops do not show the existence of any microbe, the pyosfairia have become minimal and the cystoscopy shows that the lesions have been fixed. I want to thank Mr. Georgiadis and express my gratitude for all the effort he has made and still makes for me. My visits now to the doctor have been reduced to one every three months and I keep on taking my meditations until I am completely healed. I feel good and relieved.

Doctor’s P. Georgiadis comment

We have a woman whose disease of infection of the urogenital system started almost after puberty. The points which have to be highlighted are the following:
1. The infections began with the usual symptoms of a ''simple Urinary Tract Infection'' which was confronted casually from the beginning and then became increasingly difficult both in symptoms and in its treatment.
2. No particular attention was paid to the reproductive system, so any treatment took place did not encounter in fact anything that would exist simultaneously as an infection in both the vagina or the uterus.
3. The incomplete diagnosis and the inadequate therapeutical treatment influenced to a large extent the psychology of the patient and changed the quality of her life for the worse. The patient as she saw that the situation was not dealt with and gradually the symptoms were becoming worse, began to fall into melancholy and despair.
The urinary tract infections or urogenital tract infections have periods of remissions and exacerbations. The point here is that in the periods of remissions the disease progresses and invades more and more cystic wall, even if the patient does not feel particular discomfort but only when the problem has already advanced enough. The exacerbations in the initial step compose of slightly discomfort and are short in time (lasting between 1 and 3 days). In the next stage, however they begin to appear more frequently than before, last longer and the symptoms are more intense. In the advanced stage the discomfort is quite often, lasts much longer than before and the symptoms are much more intense that the pain can be excruciating. Even in times of remission in the latter stage, the patient does not feel well, but that there is something that prevents her from feeling healthy.

1st Cystoscopy

2nd Cystoscopy after the final recovery

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